Copier Recycling Services

Thank You

Thank you for choosing an environmentally and economically friendly way of disposing your copier, printer, or fax machine.

Copiers and electronic devices are the fastest growing part of the earth's trash problem. When electronic devices are not properly disposed, the toxic chemicals from the machines can leach into ground water and pollute the environment. Copier Network takes great care to properly dispose of any broken equipment we receive to help preserve our environment's sustainability.

Working with the major Office Equipment Leasing Companies, Electronics Recyclers, and regional shippers across America, we arrange for your equipment to be destroyed, securing the stored information in your hard drive.

What You Do

To get started, simply log into this site using a google account, or your email address/password combination. This facilitates your return to the site.

Then, enter your Lease Number and ZIP Code from your lease return instructions.

Verify the equipment and address information. 94% of the time, you will get an instant quote for your shipping and media destruction.

Once you have paid for shipping and destruction, you will be contacted by a regional shipper who will move your equipment to a partnered Electronics Recycling Facility, where they will shred the equipment's hard drive and dispose of your equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.

As soon as the Electronics Recycling Facility certifies that they have shredded your magnetic media, you will receive a certificate of destruction. It doesn't get any easier!